In effort to provide the best vision correction possible, Clearview Eye Center continues to embrace the latest technology in ophthalmology and optometry. With its enhancements in clinical and surgical technology, the Eye Center provides the latest services and procedures including the Crystalens™ from Eyeonics.

The Crystalens™ is the first and only accommodating intraocular lens that allows patients to focus automatically and seamlessly at all distances.

The Crystalens™ is designed to provide a continuous range of vision for distance, intermediate, near and everything in between. Near and intermediate vision result from the action of the focusing muscle in the eye, called the ciliary muscle. This muscle changes the power and thus the focus of the natural lens. The Crystalens™ is designed to move backward and forward inside the eye using the same muscle as your natural lens. This enables the eye to automatically focus to provide distance, intermediate and near vision, and reduce the need for glasses or contact lenses.

near intermediate distance
The lens gently moves forward to focus on images that are NEAR The lens reshapes to go from NEAR to INTERMEDIATE vision The lens is back and your’re able to focus on images in the DISTANCE